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Fuelling Peer 2 Peer Energy

with AI and Blockchain

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Creating VLUX tokens for Verv's End-to-End Renewable Energy Trading Solution

By combining deep learning AI with blockchain, our goal is to improve access to affordable, low carbon energy by enabling peers to trade energy between one another via the Verv energy trading platform.

Verv IoT: Smart Home, Smart Trading

The AI-based smart hub, Verv, which can obtain a comprehensive and real-time overview of the electricity consumption of a home, forms the basis of the p2p framework. By combining this with blockchain technology, our aim is to provide a secure and transparent ledger through which energy can be traded on a p2p basis.

Crucially, the specialised AI used in our Verv smart hub provides us with the opportunity to add a unique layer of intelligence to the trading process. With an ability to predict the supply and demand of energy of a home, our intention is to ensure trading is done at optimal times in advance, reducing costs and prioritising green energy consumption.

Reduced electricity costs

As electricity costs continue to rise, we want people with renewable energy sources to be able to sell excess power directly to their neighbours at an affordable cost. We intend to make this possible by using AI forecasts on consumption determined by the Verv hub to trade energy at optimised times.


Improved access to low carbon energy

The industry is seeing a significant increase in the uptake of microgeneration which can be attributed to more affordable pricing. Whilst the trading platform can incentivise consumers to invest in renewable technology, crucially, it provides those without the means to purchase the technology an opportunity to consume green energy at an affordable price directly from their peers.


Bringing rise to the energy prosumer

We believe the Energy industry should not be exempt from the prosumer-led economy. Empowering energy consumers to become prosumers by generating, storing and selling their own energy is very much at the core of our mission as we aim to make the current centralised framework more flexible.


Creating the smart cities of the future

By combining IoT with blockchain, the scope of the connected home could extend far beyond its current state, instead connecting homes and cities to one another. By embedding energy consumers and prosumers into the same IoT network via Verv’s AI-based hub, the aim is to create a scalable energy trading network that is both secure and efficient.



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As Seen On

Existing Blockchain Integration

The Verv team are spearheading a number of exciting projects in the p2p energy trading space with the support from multiple government grants and are helping to inform UK regulatory board Ofgem around p2p regulation using the results from its pioneering projects.


The launch of a p2p energy trading community on social housing in the UK

In February 2018 we began implementing the UK’s first blockchain-based p2p energy trading community on social housing at Hackney’s Banister House Solar. The field-trial, delivered in collaboration with Repowering London, is forecast to be the first time energy is physically traded in the UK through the Verv platform. The aim is to provide cheaper energy to the community's residents and in turn inform further roll-out across the UK and in turn Europe with a focus on social housing.


Proof of concept: national simulation of our p2p solution

Having begun collecting data in early 2017, we began to simulate the Verv p2p solution across the UK in October 2017 using this data. Supported by Innovate UK’s Energy Entrepreneur’s fund, the Verv p2p framework and its AI-based predictions around energy consumption have been developed. These predictions are also being designed to take into account AI prognosis around cloud cover and opacity, using satellite data to anticipate when renewable energy like solar PV will be maximised.

VLUX Advisors

Board & Advisors

The board and advisors are made up of widely cited academics, advocates and commercial players in both the blockchain and energy space.

Prof David Shipworth

Professor at UCL Energy Institute

David Shipworth’s fields of expertise include modelling occupant influences on energy use in buildings and the impact of smart metering on energy use in the built environment.

Ewald Hesse

Head of Grid Singularity

Ewald Hesse leads the Grid Singularity venture. He has extensive experience in the energy sector and acute interest in distributed business models. He served as regional director at Andritz Hydro and is the Vice President of the Energy Web Foundation.

James Cameron

Chairman at Verv

James is the chairman of ODI, the UK’s leading think tank on development matters. He is the founder and former chairman of Climate Change Capital and a former member of both the UK Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Group and the GE Ecomagination Board.

Bruce Pon

Founder of BigchainDB and Ocean Protocol

Ocean Protocol are pioneering blockchain technologies that give people more control in a new data economy. Previously, he helped to build a dozen bank and industry startups in Europe, Asia and the Americas while working with leading companies such as Mercedes-Benz and Accenture. Bruce is an investor/advisor to several startups.

Francis Griffiths

Non-Executive Director at Verv

Francis Griffiths is the VP of Sales and Marketing Worldwide at National Instruments, a multinational company with global operations and revenues in excess of $1.2bn.

VLUX Leadership


The Verv leadership team are forward-thinking and experienced, with considerable expertise in the development and execution of cutting-edge technology, whilst also maintaining a consumer-first and green vision.

Peter Davies

CEO & Founder

Peter is a serial entrepreneur and Electrical Engineer. Prior to establishing Verv, Peter founded Austin Consultants, specialising in test automation for the likes of Rolls-Royce and a leading F1 team. He then set-up Green Running, specialising in Energy consulting in the commercial and industrial space, working with restaurants and hotels to substations. He won Innovator of the Year at the 2016 Business Green Technology Awards.

Maria McKavanagh


Nominated by Computer Weekly as one of the top 50 Most Influential Women in Tech, Maria was previously at NASDAQ data acquisition specialist National Instruments, where she was responsible for a multi-million pound sales territory. Maria holds an MEng degree in Electronic Systems Engineering.

Conrad Spiteri


With over 10 years in product development, Conrad boasts a portfolio of patents and a Masters in Robotics. Prior to Verv, Conrad held the position of Technical Director at Y-cam. Conrad led the design of Verv's energy trading platform.

Michael Jary

Managing Director

Michael comes from a background in IoT, new business build and strategy with a focus on the energy industry. He recently joined from SSE where he was the Director of Connected Homes and previously Head of Strategy. He began his career as a management consultant with Accenture.

Steve Foster


With over 20 years experience in senior financial roles mainly in the energy sector, Steve has worked for organisations that include E.ON UK, Welsh Power Group and B2B energy supply business Opus Energy Ltd. where he was the Financial Director.

View Team


Verv are a team of machine learning experts, Blockchain specialists and Energy enthusiasts in the utility sector who are combining their innovative AI tech with blockchain in order to create an optimised peer to peer energy trading solution.

Andy Baliou

Lead Blockchain Developer

Thomas Clarke

Team Lead Blockchain

Lionel Ward

Deep Learning Specialist

Alex Mcintosh

Front End Team Lead

James Davis

Head of UX

Jon Dennis

Head of Machine Learning - Disaggregation

Matt Mottram

Lead Data Scientist - Condition Monitoring

Edward Burnell

Data Scientist

Irina Timoshenko

Data Scientist

Aistis Stankevicius

Data Scientist

Cong Zhang

Blockchain Data Engineer

Konstantin Dimitrov

Innovations Engineer

Imtiaz Chowdhury

Technology Manager

Gavriel Landau

Blockchain Project Manager

William Martin

Data Scientist

Kingsley Gomes

Android Developer

Adam Makhfoudi

iOS Developer

Alexander Nicholson

Head of Investment

Jeffrey Elliott

Crypto Specialist Community Manager

Yi Jean Chow

Blockchain Product Manager

Anas Almharat

Blockchain Data Scientist

Sam Fiddis

Blockchain Developer

Niki Davies

Marketing Manager

Rebecca Haworth

Communications Manager

Vlux Team Photo