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Creating a new energy marketplace

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Verv & VLUX

in the press


Tuesday 10th July 2018

Is energy data the real winner for blockchain?

UK based machine learning start-up Verv executed the UK’s first physical energy trade on the blockchain in April 2018. Now it’s partnering with Ocean Protocol to develop its longer term goal, an energy information marketplace. Verv sits in a unique position in the blockchain energy market. As its COO Maria McKavanagh says, the long term goal...

Source: The Times

Wednesday 23rd May 2018

How AI can help meet global energy demand

The global energy industry is facing fundamental shifts in the way it generates, sells and distributes power. The pressure is on to cut carbon emissions and, as a result, methods must be found to manage the increasing gigawatts of unpredictable, weather-dependent renewable energy flowing on to power grids. The cost of electricity is also a...

Source: Photograph: Andrew Butterton/Alamy c/o The Guardian

Saturday 14th April 2018

Smart systems key to future of cheaper and cleaner energy supply

The home of the future looks an increasingly attractive place to live this week, after millions of households received the unwelcome news that their energy bills were going up again. Switching supplier is one quick fix to rising bills. But in the long run, industry players say the answers may lie in a coming revolution in how we use energy in...


Saturday 9th June 2018

Blockchain Is Powering the New Energy Landscape, Centered Around People

The world is rapidly turning to renewable energy and it’s going to see communities empowered. In the UK, renewables produce more than 20 percent of the UK’s electricity, and EU targets mean that this is likely to increase to 30 percent by 2020.

Source: Yahoo Finance

Tuesday 3rd July 2018

Iconiq Lab Announces The Latest Addition To Its Startups Cohort - VERV

Frankfurt-based decentralized venture capital group Iconiq Lab announces its latest addition to its ICO accelerator program – Verv, the machine-learning startup behind the VLUX token. This new addition comes in as a move to acknowledge and further the universal need for renewable energy through Verv's peer to peer energy trading platform, as...

Source: Getty C/o CityAM

Friday 13th April 2018

A London startup has performed the UK's first energy trade on the blockchain

The firm is currently conducting a trial at Hackney's Banister House Estate with hopes of seeing customers' energy bills fall while it creates an "almost self-sustaining community". Thirteen block of flats on the housing estate have been fitted with solar panels, and using Verv's trading platform energy is allocated to residents based on...

Source: Utility Week

Thursday 28th June 2018

Blockchain pioneers

Blockchain is often spoken about, but few companies have taken the plunge and are actually using it. Utility Week rounds up some of the blockchain pioneers who are already exploring the benefits the technology could have in their sector or for their business, and who are even beginning to implement it.

Source: Free Electrons

Friday 6th April 2018

15 startups will now join the Global Energy Program…

Free Electrons, the first global energy startup accelerator program, that connects the world’s most promising energy startups with leading utility companies, just selected the 15 teams that will now join the acceleration program. The United States, with 3 startups, Portugal and the United Kingdom with 2 each, are the biggest contributors to...


Friday 1st June 2018

The blockchain is going to transform your energy bills thanks to this start-up

Energy bills are a necessary evil: you can’t live without energy but it’s difficult when the prices keep going up and up. But, where there’s a problem, tech wants to offer a solution. There’s a raft of start-ups on the scene that are here to tackle how we approach energy and Verv is one to watch.


Tuesday 6th February 2018

The local energy co-operative revitalising London estates

The Roupell Park estate in Brixton, south London, is home to (along with around 3,000 people) two community renewable energy schemes. One is a multi-million pound combined heat and power (CHP) system which began burning both EU and council money in 2004, yet remains non-operational 10 years on. The other is 52kWp of roof-top solar panels...


Tuesday 3rd July 2018

Tokens24: VLUX aims to Reduce Electricity cost and Encourage Green Energy Through a P2P Energy Marketplace – Q&A with Peter

Verv aims to encourage the use of renewable energy, and its production by prosumers, by enabling peer to peer energy trading. VLUX tokens are used on Verv’s end to end renewable energy trading solution which combines deep learning AI with blockchain. Furthermore, hardware devices placed in peoples’ homes, collect data and use AI to lower...


Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Verv to Enable Consumers to Monetise Their Energy Data, Partners with Data Sharing Ecosystem Ocean Protocol

Machine learning startup Verv, currently conducting an Initial Token Offering for its VLUX token, has announced a partnership with blockchain-based data sharing ecosystem, Ocean Protocol, as it looks to create a new data marketplace for energy and beyond.

Source: Engerati

Saturday 19th May 2018

Transactive energy regulation – realising the benefits

Transactive energy projects are growing with the emergence of technologies such as peer-to-peer trading platforms, flexibility aggregation and blockchain. While having the potential to bring tangible benefits to individual participants, such as the opportunity to monetise a home generation system or to source electricity at low cost, these are...

Source: C/o

Tuesday 1st May 2018

Subsidy-free solar powers UK's renewable energy attractiveness

The UK has been ranked seventh in the latest bi-annual Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index (RECAI) from consultancy EY, up from 10th in the last index, to a position they last held in 2014. EY reports that the UK investment environment had settled in recent months as the market adapted following a plethora of cuts to subsidies and...

Source: C/o Bannister House Hackney

Saturday 28th April 2018

Solar power trade using blockchain completed in UK

Excess solar power generated by a community solar power array at the Banister Housing Estate in Hackney, a London borough, was sent to a nearby residential structure using blockchain technology. It was the UK’s first energy trade using blockchain. One kilowatt-hour of solar electricity was sent using technology made by Verv, a UK smart energy...

Source: Verv

Thursday 26th April 2018

How tech companies are moving into the energy sector

From power generation and distribution to customer engagement, the entire energy system is moving towards digitization, decentralization and being data-driven. This presents huge opportunities for tech firms to, for example, help build IoT enabled smart energy efficient cities and decentralised energy systems, where neighbours can trade...

Source: Shutterstock

Wednesday 11th April 2018

Verv is bringing AI-powered green energy home

As more and more blockchain projects flood the market, investors have become accustomed to the task of filtering out scam projects from those that actually build on the tech. As Verv founder and CEO Peter Davies puts it, “The most disappointing [thing about cryptocurrency]is the amount of scams drowning out real projects that could have a...